About Us

Five decades ago, Sweeion sets out to realize our dream of becoming the best women's bag retailer in the world and the rest is history.

Our Vision

That we can be stylish and still stay real. That we can be humble souls with generous hearts. That we can be brave enough to stand for something big.

And, that we can always have fun. This is our foundation. The source of love we infuse into every handbag, and accessory we make. And most importantly, we respect women and would like to give them the greatest values in our lives.

And so much more…

Our Values

We collect women's bags and accessories, but what we ultimately aim to make is a difference. By not just making things that look good, but by doing things that do good. By welcoming, celebrating, and showing love to everyone, everywhere. Our values of Love, Respect and Integrity resonate in the work we do and what we build as a team.

Our Products

Our collection includes many types of women's bags such as briefcases, crossbody, backpacks, handbags, wallets and bag accessories.

Yes, everything! From our standout design and development savvy (it’s all on-trend), to extensive sourcing network, it’s our specialty on the digital, retail and wholesale level.

Our Commitments

We are on a journey to create a world of love, confidence and belonging – it is our purpose. What giant love for women motivates us to make an impact and inspires us to find out gorgeous bags for women.

Our Future

Sweeion is a place that feels more human and casual with everyone closer together, treating each other with kindness and respect. It’s a powerful feeling rooted in our values and it resonates in the work we do and what we build as a team.